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TFP contracts
This is an agreement between the photographer and the model for a photo shoot based on Time For Photo (TFP). This means that the photographer and the model do not receive any financial compensation for the photo shoot, but that the model receives an agreed number of photos that he/she can use for their portfolio or personal purposes.

Name: Frits van Sambeek
Address: Dorpsweg 49a
Postal code/town 4122GE Zijderveld
Phone 06-11044369
Hereinafter referred to as “Photographer”, which is always understood to mean: amateur photographer

On the one hand, and
Gender / Date of Birth
Phone / E-mail address
Address / cITY
Zip Code / Country

Hereinafter referred to as “Model” which always includes: non-professional model(s).
Agree that under the conditions below the Model will pose for the Photographer and that images are taken by the Photographer of the Model, and to agree to the text and content of this agreement by means of a signature.

Date and location
Date, time: to be determent
Place : to be determent

Posing category
The agreed posing category is: Nude / Adult

Selection of photos
The maximum number of photos is limited to: 25

Art. 1 – Age and Identity Verification.
The model must show her ID before the photo shoot for verification of his or her identity and age. No photo shoot without ID!

Art. 2 – Signing authority
The model declares that it does not require permission from anyone to make this statement legally valid. If the model is a minor, the parent(s)/guardian or legal representative will declare this on behalf of the model by co-signing this statement.

Article 3 – Privacy statement.
From the point of view of common decency, the photographer will not affect the model's human value and personal integrity. It is not allowed to make any announcement in public or Social Media regarding personal and personal data of this shoot. All personal and personal data are used for internal purposes only. This means that at no time information is given to third parties or on is not made available in any way to people not included in this agreement.
Neither the photographer, nor the model, nor the parent(s)/guardian will in the future intentionally use facts and/or results that are directly related to this agreement to the harm of the other.

Art. 4 – Restrictions
If the model is under contract with a modeling agency, the model hereby declares that permission has been obtained to do this photo session and/or that no restrictions or obligations have been imposed by third parties that could prevent this photo session or publication of the photos or limit.

Art. 5 – Ownership and Copyright
The model has no claim to ownership and copyright, nor to possession of the created image(s) in any form whatsoever.

Art. 6 – Editing
The photographer is free to edit, change and/or change any photo resulting from this photo session in any way imaginable.

Art. 7 – The use
The model is allowed to use the supplied image(s) for personal promotional purposes on the website and all social media channels. Neither Model nor Photographer will intentionally use the photos to harm or harm the other party harm. Commercial use by one of the parties is only permitted with prior written consent of the other party. If applicable to an agreed compensation.

Art. 8 – Attribution
With each placement of the supplied image(s), the name of the photographer must be stated as “”. If this is not possible, the supplied image(s) must be provided with the photographer's logos.

Art. 9 – Compensation
For the creation of the images, the photographer does not pay the model any compensation, nor vice versa, in any form, except that the model receives the agreed number of image(s) from the photo session in digital form in exchange for the investment of the model, such as time and effort. The delivery of the image(s) will be as soon as possible, but in any case within two months after the photo session. This period can be deviated from shoot to shoot because of very busy periods.

Art. 10 – Recording work process
During the photo session, photos and/or video recordings can be made that record the photographer's work process. These shots are not supplied to the model and are for the promotion of the photographer and are not supplied or sold to third parties. The recordings mentioned here fall under all agreements in this contract.

Art. 11 – Selection and Extradition
The model chooses from the selection made by the photographer, the image(s) to be developed, The image(s) is/are in a common digital format, in a high resolution (128 DPI) and a common color space delivered to the model. Image(s) is/are delivered in the following format, namely 2000 pixels (longest side). These come with the photographer's logo.
All photos that are shared with the model immediately after the session (via WhatsApp and Email) are only available first impression and may not be shared. The so-called contact photos (PDF overview) may not be further shared, edited or published, and are only used to select photo(s). Only the photos that are delivered to the model after selection and development (via WeTransfer as a ZIP file) and are indicated with “final delivery” are subject to this contract.
The detailed and delivered photos of the final delivery may not be further processed and may only be used as delivered. Enlargement or reduction with the same proportions are allowed.

Art. 12 – Photographer's Use of Images
The photographer reserves the right to use the images taken for his own promotional purposes, both private and commercial, including his services, in any form whatsoever. The photographer will not publish any personal information about the model. On request, any published or to be published images will be delivered to the model (after).

Art 13 – Quality and Warranty
The Model accepts that the quality of the photos taken during the recording is not affected warranty will be given. The Photographer accepts that there is no warranty on the posing performance of the Model. Both acknowledge that deficiency in posing performance and/or the quality of the recording made cannot give rise to compensation, in any form.
The Model will also not pay any compensation, in any form whatsoever, may demand if the photo session cannot continue, or if the photos fail, are damaged or deleted.

Art 14 – Competent Court and Applicable Law
The courts of Utrecht have jurisdiction for disputes relating to this contract. Dutch law applies to the contract. Both parties declare to agree with the text and contents of this agreement.

Thus drawn up on dd: DATE, in two original copies (send by email), one of which is acknowledged by each party.
Model agree to the terms of this contract: CONSENT, NAME
(in the application form on the photographers website.)

Explanation posing category:
Nude: This refers to photos in which the model is depicted wholly or partially undressed. The nipples and/or genitals are visible in the photo.

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